Sunday, December 13, 2009

Erica's Holiday Giveaway

Holiday Giveaway from "Every girl's little addition..." Erica

She's giving away these items she got at the MAC warehouse sale

MAC MSF in Sunny By Nature
MAC Eyeshadow in Soft Force
MAC Mineralize Blush in Light Over Dark
MAC Tricolor Lipglass in Crazy Haute

The giveaway will end on DECEMBER 25TH, 2009.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mommy Fabulous

Mommy Fabulous Giveaway! Click here

Giveaway ends December 13, 2009

1 winner will get to choose one MAC Holiday Lipgloss Set featured above.
50 followers: 1 winner gets to choose one MAC Holiday Pigment Set featured above.
100 followers: 1 winner gets to pick one MAC Holiday Set with the makeup bag in ADDITION to a lipgloss or pigment set.

What awesome prizes and choices! :) She's at 100 followers now!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Laptop Problems

This probably happens to a lot of people.

Right when you have lots of assignments to hand in, or you have a big project that you have just completed, something with one of your gadgets stops work. This could be your printer running low on ink, sucking paper in, or just not printing at all ... or your computer/laptop lags and the file you were just working on wasn't saved to the most updated version so you have to rewrite stuff, computer being on too long (cause you're probably just pulling an all nighter working) that it heats up and randomly crashes, or your internet suddenly doesn't work so you can't send whatever you need to or use hte internet to do your research... there's just too many possibilities!!

There is just too much that can happen. In a way I am starting to think computers control us more than we control them... if it crashes on me while I'm doing my 30% paper and i lose everything, i get screwed cause I'm just going to fail the course cause the professor won't really take your excuse of "oh my laptop died" even though its the truth!

Anyways.. so on with why I'm writing this. I'm working on my 30% project now.. my laptop is acting really funny on me. Lately, its been super slow or I guess I'm thinking too fast for it. Then the other day when I turned it on the screen was all dark. I could faintly see that it was on. The bulb for my screen is dying. I've restarted and gotten it to work again, but obviously this won't last long and I'm going to need a better plan.

I've had my laptop for a good 4 years now so I guess it is time for me to let it go and let it retire.. NOT until 30 days from now when I'm done my exams and I don't need to hand anything else in. I'm just praying it wont' mess up anytime soon. I totally need to backup my files but common... I really don't have time for that and I'm just too lazy to do it.

So I need a new laptop.. not sure what I'm going to get next.. I'm currently just using a regular ibm laptop cause I don't do much with it and battery life is great lasting me 4-5 hours (still even after 4 years). My friends have hp and their fans are really loud and heats up a lot. Other people with dell .. everyone 4 years ago that brought dell all had the same ones and they were really crappy. Everyone is telling me to get a mac book... not sure. I don't do anything fancy really. I just need my good old Word and regular Microsoft programs, firefox, msn, and I'm good. So I'm still not sure if I can justify why I am going to dish out $1000 for a mac book pro.

All my friends that have it says its amazing.. but then they don't really explain why. lol. For the features I need I can probably just get a regular laptop for like $500-700ish just simple hardware. So I need more reasons to why I should get a mac book pro. Suggestions?

Saturday, November 7, 2009


-Contest ends November 30th
I love fellow Canadian bloggers!

Square One Trip

I went to square one yesterday because my bf needed to go to the apple store to fix his iphone since it wasn't working. After they fixed it we went shopping and had dinner at Moxie's.

just wanted to let you all know. I guess aside from Winners, Zellers is now also selling E.L.F products. I saw a bunch near the holiday gift package shelf. They were mostly those gift packages. They cost the same at Winners (~$5.99-9.99) but there was definitely a wider selection and the ones at Winners are always opened or taken apart which I hate. I didn't have enough time to shop around so I didn't pick up anything.

Also, we went to the dollarama cause I needed to get some thank you cards. I knew dollarama were always selling some products for dove and stuff but I was really surprised to see that they had the L'Oreal Bare Naturale mascara for sale there. There were tons. I wonder if they are like defect products or something for only $2 a mascara. I picked one cause there's nothing to lose with just $2. I wanted to test it out to see if they actually really had nothing wrong with it. :)

I also got a bottle of soap just to be more germ -free. Everyone at school is getting sick..
I did a few weeks ago with a really bad flu. It was so annoying cause everyone would think you had swine flu. haha. My university had a swine flu reporting system so that if you THINK you had swine flu symptoms you can just enter your name and stuff and you can get all your tests and stuff for that week or two deferred. no questions asked. Thy don't want you going to class and tests and start infecting everyone. What a easy way for ppl to abuse this. :) I reported it but I didn't' use it. I still went to my tests. I don't' see the point of moving your 25% or 30% midterm to your exam and making your exam worth potentially 60-75%. You're just killing yourself later.

I also received my package from cherzmaster today from her birthday giveaway! :) She had a lot of giveaway items. I'm super excited to try them out. Shipping was surprisingly fast only 1 day.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jane products clearance

I went to the local Fortinos grocery store yesterday to grab some chicken dinner special they had for $10 (full chicken + potato wedges + salad). It was a good deal to split between 3 or 4 people and you'll end up really full.

I went to the cosmetic section to check it out and realized that the section for Jane products were going on clearance. When I went to check out what products were left, there were only like 3 things, two types of mascara and a blush. The costs were slash down to $1.50-$2.00ish from the usual $5-$10. I guess it really is being discontinued and the local grocery stores that carry them are starting to clear it out.
If only there were more fortinos near me i'd check out to buy some more. Maybe other people are more lucky at this... I know Zellers carry it too. I wish I was back home where I have a car to go to places... Hamilton is kinda empty ... I really wanted to try the gel liner they had. Oh well I was too late. Should have grocery shopped earlier!

I also stumbbled upon a Milani runaway pallete that had three eyeshadow circles with different colours. It costed $9.99. I found it randomly on one of hte shelves. Is Milani coming to Canada? If so, that's AWESOME! Gotta keep my eye out. Maybe the Jane section that's clearing up now on the shelf is going to turn in to a Milaini shelf! WOOT!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lisa's Cosmetic/Fragrance Warehouse Sale Fall 2009

So I realized that i haven't blogged in a while. Work right after summer was hectic. I had to finish up this major project I was working on that needed to be finished before I left. They didn't want the project to still lie around when I'm gone and have someone up follow up and worl on it. I didn't get to finish on time by my last day of work, so they asked me to stay an extra week to finish it. I got paid, so why not! I finished on that Thursday and took Friday to pack. Then, on Saturday morning I was on my trip to Orlando with my friends!
There were six of us that went and we had an AWESOME TIME!
It was the best deal ever, the package included hotel at disneyworld, tickets to the parks for 3 days, meals included. We added our own airfare from buffalo to orlando and we megabus to buffalo. We also went to Universal Studios Orlando and Island of Adventures.
I'll definitely update with some pictures later... I think when I have time and want to procrastinate from doing school work :)

School is getting hectic and I am just not in the mood to write and type after finishing up with all my reports and assignments! I realized youtube and blogspot is where I go when I want to procrastinate, which is quite often.

Enough on the rambling, so....

Just found out the Lisa's Cosmetic Fragrance Warehouse Sale this Fall 2009 days are out!
I've never been to any of them before. From looking at what everyone always gets from these, it seems pretty awesome for some deals. I think it'd be a great place to get some Christmas presents for my friends. I really want to go this year but I guess I'll have to see how my schedule goes! I really wonder how big a difference it is if you go the first few days vs. the last few days. Do they restock over the few weeks with stuff or put everything out all at once? that might determine when I should go...

I'm also on my search for my next co-op job which is for Term 2, which is this coming Jan. It seems like a lot of the job interviews I'm getting are either in Calgary or Ottawa. Maybe I'll have to do some travelling this year... but Calgary is snowing already! not a big fan of snow...